We offer four models of Steel-String guitars,

a Classical and a Flamenco model...


We spend a lot of time hunting for and selecting very special tonewoods. These woods, whether exotic or domestic, are hand selected for their beauty and acoustic properties. That gives us the best start, in fact, the woods we use are in themselves a piece of art long before we come along and fashion them into a functional instrument.


Please click on a picture to see a larger view and specifications. All of our models can be ordered with nearly any materials you can think of.  Go to the  Options  and  Ordering  pages to see a few ideas to customize your guitar. We enjoy tapping into the imagination of our customers to come up with some unique ideas.


Walt Disney once said "If you can imagine it, you can do it..."  We really try to incorporate that thinking into our shop.


the Osprey

Our "Jumbo" sized steel-string.


This model has a powerful voice with "large" bass tones but well balanced with the mids and treble notes.


Not just another pretty face, this guitar is made for musicians who want to be moved by the feeling and tone of the instrument. Need a partner on stage, in the studio or in your home? Here's someone that will follow your lead...or maybe lead you to new heights in performance and creativity.


the Merlin


Similar in size to the Osprey, the Merlin is a steel-string guitar that has a waist that is not quite as deep. This body shape is offered to those who like a more traditional look to their guitars.


The Merlin has the same powerful presence as the Osprey. Both these models produce a lot of "punch", a quick clear tone that is pleasing to the ear and inspiring to play.


Pictured with "Sinker" Redwood top.


the Kestrel


Our concert model, the Kestrel, is a steel-string guitar that measures 15" at lower bout, 10 3/4" at upper and 19 1/2" in length.


This smaller model has a "sweet" voice with a surprising amount of power, not unlike the falcon that it gets its name from. We've taken note of the look on people's faces when they play this guitar. They never let us down when they smile and say something like "wow!"


Pictured with "Sinker" Redwood top.

the Peregrine


Our parlor model, the Peregrine, is our smallest steel-string guitar.


This model has a really sweet tone and is a kick to play. We love to take these to trade shows and see how amazed people are about the power these little guys have.


Pictured with Adirondack Spruce top.


the Classical


We offer a Classical Guitar with a deep warm tone. This model offers a well balanced range of sound "across the board."


We offer two standard scale lengths at no extra charge and an array of options such as: non-standard scale lengths, neck widths and profiles to suit your playing style.


Pictured with a Cedar top.


the Flamenco


Our Flamenco Guitar has a "feather light" touch and a powerhouse sound. A Flamenco Guitar needs to be as exciting to play as the music is to the listeners.


We use the finest Spanish Cedar for the neck stock. We also inlay carbon graphite bars under the fingerboard. Besides stiffening the neck with this "stronger-than-steel" for it's weight material, any "dead spots" in the fingerboard are eliminated.


Pictured with a spruce top.


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