Attaching your strings to the tuners so they won't slip without tying a knot:

Let's start with the wound strings. Click on the thumbnails for a higher resolution photo.


Start with the wound strings and change them one at a time:


Attach at the bridge and pull the string tight around the post of the tuner. Don't go through the hole yet.


Wrap the string tight around the post at least one full turn.

Thread the string through the hole on top of the string on the far side and under the loop on the near side.

Pull tight and start tightening the string with the tuner.

Tune to pitch and clip off the end.

Now the plain strings. These are the ones that like to slip. Start by locating the hole in the post facing the side of the headstock.

Thread the string and pull the slack so there is a hand width of string left to wind around the post.

Wrap the end of the string around the front of the post counter clockwise and under the string going down to the body of the guitar.

It should look like this.

Start tightening the string. If the loop of the string hops over the post, just flip it back over.

You can see that the tightening string is going to take a 'bite' on the tail end of the string. That's horse packer talk for taking a locking grip.

Tighten the string to pitch and clip off the end. It won't slip and it is still easy to get off when it is time to change the string.









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