Although it doesn't dramatically effect the tone or performance of the instrument, inlaying shell and other materials can add a touch of sparkle that makes the instrument uniquely yours. We offer a number of optional inlays for the fingerboard and other areas of the guitar. No doubt, you have some ideas and we'd love to see them and perhaps incorporate them into your guitar.

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Micheletti Guitars Logo Inlay Standard on head of Steel-String Models


What is this "wingee-thingee?" We don't really know. In the fall of 1982 when Rick was attending the Vermont Instrument Workshop guitar building school, he decided that he wanted a logo to inlay on the headplate of the guitar he was constructing.


One frosty morning he headed for the nearest Laundromat (about 2 miles away) on foot. Step one was to insert some quarters into the clothes dryer and back himself up to it to thaw out a little.


Step two was to pull out the ubiquitous sketch book from his back pack and in this semi-frozen condition he immediately sketched this shape which we have used since, both on the guitars and in advertising.


It's just a shape and really has no meaning - but it seems a little too coincidental that he names all of his guitar models after birds - hmmmm...
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Variations on Logo Fingerboard Inlay


Variations on Micheletti Guitars Logo has been a popular option. Starting at the first fret with two "wing-like" shapes that become wider and "scrunched" down proportional to the fret spacing, this theme continues down to the 15th fret.


The 12th fret has an additional "heart-like" shape.
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"Cobweb" Fingerboard Inlay 12th Fret Shown


This is one of our optional fingerboard inlays shown at the 12th fret. One side of the "Web" is also inlayed at the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th frets as well.

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"Cobweb" Fingerboard Inlay 12th Fret Shown


This variation is using Paua shell, along with a turqoise fretboard binding.
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"Descending "V" Fingerboard Inlay


Another optional fingerboard inlay is the "V" shape starting at the third fret that widens and descends in depth proportionally with the fret spacing.
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