This page shows some examples of some of the possibilities of wood pairings at the end graft (tail)


Brazilian Rosewood sides, Koa graft with black/white purfling


Shown unfinished.


Brazilian Rosewood sides and graft, Koa binding with black/white purfling.


Brazilian Rosewood sides, Chinquapin binding with black/white purfling.


(Chinquapin is a local hardwood)

  Acacia sides, Snakewood binding with black/white purfling.


  Pomelle Bubinga, Padauk graft with black purfling.

  (Shown unfinished)



  East Indian Rosewood sides, Koa binding with

  black/white/green purfling.

  Kiawe sides Peruvian Walnut rims and graft white purfling.


  (Pronounced key-ah'-vay, this is a Hawaiian hardwood with

  properties  similar to Brazilian Rosewood)




  Macassar Ebony sides, Koa binding with black/white



  (Shown unfinished)


 Madagascar Rosewood sides, Ebony binding with white



  Quilt figured Maple with Ebony binding.


  Quilt figured Maple, Koa binding with black/white


  Tortoise Shell figured Honduran Mahogany

  ("The Tree") with Ebony rims and graft.



  (Shown unfinished but wetted with naptha)

  Oregon Myrtle sides, Bloodwood binding with black



  Oregon Myrtle sides, Maple bindin

   with black purfling.

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