Some may think this is going too far...

 ...but making guitars is just too fun to limit the possibilities.

Even the bottom of the guitar is important to us.


Topwoods Backwoods Rosettes Heads Tails Inlays

"Hourglass" Tail Spice Oregon Myrtle bound with East Indian Rosewood


This is one of our favorite ways to trim the bottom of the guitar where the sides meet. We get a lot of nice compliments on this detail.
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"Hourglass" Tail Spice Quilted Maple bound with Ebony

This is about as contrasting as it gets and a nice effect (no purfling)
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"Hourglass" Tail Spice European Maple bound with Koa

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"Wedge" Shaped Tail Splice Bubinga bound with Flame figured Maple


Pictured is another way finish off the end of the guitar. The "Wedge" has long been used in Guitar construction and is an elegant way to detail this area.


Again, this could include Purfling, that is contrasting strips of wood or other material between the binding and the side material.
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"Straight" Tall Splice Mahogany bound with East Indian Rosewood


A more "traditional" way to handle this splice. This detail especially looks nice with the use of Purflings, in this case a simple White/Black.
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