Here are some examples of the headstock of our guitars...

...there are countless possible variations.


Topwoods Backwoods Rosettes Heads Tails Inlays

Steel-string Guitar Ebony Headplate


Our "standard" Steel-string guitar includes an Ebony head plate with Micheletti Guitars logo inlayed in Abalone. We use gold plated German made Schaller tuners which look great against the black background of the headstock. These tuners have a smooth feel to them and last for many years
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Classical and Flamenco Guitar 


Our "standard" Classical or Flamenco guitar headstock often is overlaid with the same material used on the back and sides. In this case, we bookmatched cutoffs from the Southeast Asian Rosewood back. We use gold plated German made Schaller tuners and offer many optional tuners as well.

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Ebony Headplate with Holly Purfling


Here is another option we offer on our Steel-string guitars. The head is framed with a contrasting wood strip (in this case Holly which is very light colored) and bound in Ebony.


In 1982 when I was attending the Vermont Instrument Workshop, instructor George Morris recommended keeping the shape of the headstock simple in case you want to bind it. I wish I would have listened...

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Burl Headplate with Binding


There are endless possibilities when you think about all the different gorgeous burl woods there are in the world. This particular guitar was crafted with high flamed figured Oregon Myrtle back and sides and even the neck was a row figured Myrtle. And since we used Myrtle burl around the sound hole, it seemed reasonable to place it on the head as well.


This option is enhanced with binding to make a framed effect at the head. We carried this theme further by framing the Micheletti Guitars logo in Ebony. It really makes a nice effect and we get a lot of nice complements on this option.


We also have many other burls in stock, Camphor, Amboyna, and Walnut to name a few. You can see these and some other possibilities at


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.Ebony Headplate with Abalone Purfling


This is an option we offer on our Steel-string guitars and definitely adds some sparkle to the headstock. We use real Abalone shell segments to frame the head and bind the edges with Ebony. The effect is stunning.


(Purfling is material just inside of the binding)
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Ebony Headplate with Turquoise Purfling


This is another option we offer on our Steel-string guitars. The turquoise blue against the black ebony adds a touch of elegance to the headplate. Add the same width strip down the inside edge of the fingerboard and you’ve created a theme that sets your guitar apart from the crowd.


(Purfling is material just inside of the binding)

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